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Welcome to India international Friendship Society is a voluntary organization established to forge greater unity and integrity among the people of Indian origin living anywhere in the world.

The society also aims to enhance India's broad relationship and forge greater friendship and cooperation with all the countries on the globe, irrespective of small or big, developed, developing or underdeveloped yet there is always a need for greater understanding and it is our endeavor to set a new rapport of closeness and real understanding among all people of the world. It is desired that all human being should live together in peace, love and brotherhood. The society has an essential role to play in fulfilling this objective by creating conditions for exchange of views among all the people, especially of Indian origin. Its aim is to create a sense of national and International friendship and understanding where it can have a programme to share with others. ...more-->>

To develop social and cultural cooperation between our progressive people and of all countries.

To honestly share and exchange important evolution between any two countries in culture, education, sports and others.

To arrange conferences, seminars and exhibitions and producing and distributing relevant literature, including books and journals for universal benefit from them.

To celebrate festivals for each other and exchange greetings on such occasions to make friendship more deeper and practical. more-->>

Rashtriya Gaurav Award -->>
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