Aim & Objects

To develop social and cultural cooperation between our progressive people and of all countries.

To honestly share and exchange important evolution between any two countries in culture, education, sports and others.

To arrange conferences, seminars and exhibitions and producing and distributing relevant literature, including books and journals for universal benefit from them.

To celebrate festivals for each other and exchange greetings on such occasions to make friendship more deeper and practical.

To arrange visits of different delegations to friendly countries to meet people in all fields and vocations, including science and technology and education.

To arrange money and other infrastructure for new joint ventures established in close cooperation or help of the other society or its members.

To exchange scientific and technical education.

To arrange meeting with Government Ministries to promote Society's aim and objective.

To act in the best interests of the Government, the country and the members of the Society.

To enroll members throughout the world among people of Indian origin. Person who receive the award will be the member of society

To establish and develop the international friendship and fraternity and foster the bondage of humanity and service by different schemes and programmes.

To honour its member with "Award and Certificate of Excellence" for outstanding leadership in the field, such as education, medical services, engineering, architecture and other exceptional performance of high order and services. This society, however, reserves the right to present or not to present the Award(s) even after the selection of the candidate without assigning any reasons whatsoever, without being answerable to anyone. No legal or any other action can be taken against the society. The applies to the jurisdiction of Delhi State .

To collect a most reasonable delegate fee from the Awardee, in order to raise the necessary funds. The delegate fee, however, is strictly voluntary and no delegate is under any obligation to pay.

In case any information is lost, the Awardees can collect his Award at a later date from New Delhi .